Money Transfer

Domestic Money Transfer – NEFT and 24/7 IMPS

We provide services like Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) in association with banking institutions. Our Money Transfer System is the outcome of the detailed study and continuous up gradation in the past two years. Our Money Transfer system is the one platform among a very few in India which supports transactions through Android app OCTOBIZ. We support 2 wallet systems for each customer and call it as RMONEY and IMONEY. Both RMONEY and IMONEY systems work with separate banks giving a total non-KYC customer transaction limit of Rs 75000/- per month.

Some features of RMONEY & IMONEY are –

  • Non-KYC Customer transaction Limit: Rs 75,000/- per month (best in the industry)
  • Instant settlement from wallet after successful transaction
  • Automatic refunds in case of failures (OTP based for enhanced security)
  • Feature of account verification for most of the banks
  • Send up to 25000/- in one transaction. No need to do multiple transactions of Rs 5000/- for higher amounts
  • Automatic reconciliation with various banks for pending transactions
  • Support for both IMPS and NEFT transactions.
  • App Notifications/Desktop Notifications/URL Callback whenever any transaction is refunded
  • High success ratio
  • Support for bill payments of credit cards using NEFT

We provide Agent, Distributor and invite Franchisee Partner to expand our business.